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Dear Friend, Welcome to www.stayhappy.co.in Where you can share your intimate private problems in trust- worthy environment. Whenever you wish to open yourself to a friendly listener in search of solace and homely sound counselling from a caring Professional, do call us.


Facing the long hours of loneliness and sadness where you loose your heart and need some help to be with you, do contact us. In the dark moments of depression; anxiety and fears, you need extra light of hope from friendly corners, but you are afraid of being misunderstood and rather mishandling of the problems, visit this site.


You are most welcome to explore your hidden treasure of unfathomed spiritual strength and psychic well being, even when you have no problems as such. Your working abilities and dreams are to be realised with a small but essential assistance reduce the negativities causing ailments and impediments in your marching forward; but to enjoy your life with full spirits and being loved and liked by all with a fine personality. You will surely gain what you are looking for.

Within last decade world has changed tremendously. A fast change where we find difficult to adapt or adjust. As a result of these fast changes following issues have emerged which we daily encounter and find difficult to handle.


  1. 1. Difficulty in relationship.
  2. 2. Depression, Loneliness, Anxieties & Fears.
  3. 3. Meeting parental expectations.
  4. 4. Poor self esteem & self confidence.
  5. 5. Managing ageing parents.
  6. 6. Balance between work & home.


You will learn the techniques how to manage and become type of person you always wanted to become.